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Tax Planning

For many people, tax is something that’s only addressed at certain times of the year.  However, if you really want to keep your tax bill to a minimum, consistent tax planning and carefully evaluating the decisions you make could have a big impact on you or your business.


With my help, you can make informed choices about issues that could affect your tax bill and devise strategies that will help make the most of the tax reliefs, allowances and credits that are available to you.


I have wide ranging expertise in this area however some examples of what I advise on are as follows:


  • Cash and profit extraction

  • International tax advice

  • Land and property

  • Tax efficient business structures

  • Succession and sale of your business

  • One off transactions


Tax planning begins with careful evaluation of your financial situation.  We’ll discuss your future plans and goals to help determine a course of action that best suits your requirements.   The golden rules though are to start planning as early as possible, and to engage the experts right from the start.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific needs or to arrange a free consultation

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